We promote people's health and daily well-being.

How it all began

In 2011, our family took the trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica during which we had many new and life changing experiences. In the area we lived, we felt a special energy surrounded by nature and the healthy lifestyle of the local people.

Shortly after arriving in Costa Rica, we met Belle, a Master Kombucha maker, who introduced to Kombucha and later to the art of making Kombucha Tea. From that time on, the Tea became a part of us and when we returned to our country we decided that it would help us channel a feeling that we had left behind,La Pura Vida.

Now we make VITAE Kombucha following the same artisanal and traditional methods, respecting the timing and process it takes for each new elaboration. Only then can we bring you the authentic, millennial drink with proven health benefits.

We are optimistic and vital people, inclined toward the art of appreciating the simple things and valuing the experience of sharing it with others for the common good.

This is our path and it can also be yours :
Thank you for helping us make it possible.


Pure Life

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Our values and intentions.

At VITAE Kombucha, we profess values and intentions that we pursue with integrity and honesty:
Well-being, health, tradition and sustainability.



Supporting people’s vitality and joy of living .



Promoting health as a daily benefit through the functional effects of this probiotic drink.



Faites cette boisson ancienne selon la méthode traditionnelle et avec des ingrédients biologiques pour offrir un kombucha avec tous ses bienfaits. Fait main. 100% kombucha.



Managing natural resources in a sustainable way and collaborating in environmental recovery projects.

We grow collaborating with these entities that we support

slow drinks

Water is the most important resource, which generates life and is also the main ingredient in the production of Kombucha Tea.

De Font en Font, is an entity that, through environmental volunteering, helps in an intergenerational way to recover and revalue the water heritage in the natural environment.

Recover and value heritage, our sources in all its scope.

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Antonio Brieba Nordic walking and pilatwalk coach, lover and practitioner of many mountain sports. I like to teach and energize with a very particular style where people vibrate and enjoy the moment learning in an enjoyable way. Lecturer and specialist in team building.

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It is a global solidarity project that aims to improve the quality of life of women diagnosed with breast cancer through cycling.

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The SORLI Foundation supports companies so that they can also rebuild a work environment conceived from a gender perspective and free from gender violence and any manifestation of sexual harassment.

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