Iberian Mojito


  • 50 ml Alvisa 10 organic/eco
  • Organic/eco mint
  • 1/2 organic/eco lemon
  • Organic/eco sugar
  • Vitae Kombucha organic/eco (orange and mint)
  • Crushed ice
  • 1 p. Organic/eco ham
  • Recycled glass cup
  • Ecological straw (cardboard, bamboo, etc…)


  1. Put the sugar, mint and lemon in the glass
  2. To crush
  3. Add the organic brandy Alvisa 10
  4. Mix with the remover
  5. Add crushed ice to the brim and mix again
  6. Fill with Vitae Kombucha Mint/orange
  7. Mix again with the remover
  8. Add crushed ice

Finish with a sprig of mint, a lemon wedge and a piece of crystallized ham. A couple of straws and ready to serve!