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Healthy and therapeutic cuisine available to everyone

We are a think tank eager to share experiences between specialists and enthusiasts to learn to cook with VITAE Kombucha. In being able to enhance a flavor, enrich a food, obtaining healthy and functional dishes.

Recipes, Moktails, workshops, events ... healthy cuisine, therapeutic, to the extent of all.


Always welcome

We introduce you to our specialists, Alf Mota, Gemma Hortet and Javier Medvedovsky. Here you will find recipes as well as information about our upcoming events and collaborations.

Go ahead and make a new recipe with VITAE Kombucha, send it to us and we will be happy to publish it!

If you want, share and post your dishes on social media with the hashtag #VITAEKLAB


Therapeutic cuisine maintains that eating and a healthy lifestyle are fundamental pillars for the prevention and overcoming of most diseases.

It combines oriental therapeutic wisdom with the medicine of each place, as well as knowledge about diet and nutrition.

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At VITAE K.LAB we conduct laboratories, workshops and talks in collaboration with Xef Alf Mota and other renowned specialists in therapeutic cooking.

In these workshops, the main medicinal foods are used with plant ferments that provide us with Probiotic bacteria, which are of great importance to take care of our intestinal health, and that help us to maintain a diet low in glycemic, anti-inflammatory and alkalizing index.

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