100% kombucha; enjoy the experience

Slow drink

The trip of a lifetime lead us to encounter Kombucha, a millennial drink, which is the healthy alternative to sugary soda or an alcoholic drink.

VITAE kombucha is a refreshing, energizing and healthy drink: A life style wherever it’s consumed.

A live drink, based on green tea, mineral water of volcanic origin, Scoby, (a probiotic), fair trade whole cane sugar and a whole lot of care.

Discover our healthy recipes yand combine them with your favorite Vitae Kombucha. Go Slow Life!

vitae kombucha slow drink


Made following the traditional and artisanal method with water of volcanic origin.

Top quality and organic natural ingredients (CCPAE).

Unpasteurized alive fermented tea, no additives or preservatives added. Fermented by a colony of yeasts and bacteria (SCOBY).

Natural flavors and aromas achieved through the maceration of fruits, plants, spices and / or roots in 2nd fermentation. No flavourings.

Natural carbonation product of fermentation. without added carbonic gas.

Drink very low in sugar (between 1.6 to 3.7 depending on the taste). No added sugars.

Packaged in glass and in bulk. Expiration 12 months.

We allocate part of our profits to environmental education programs for the care of water as a natural resource, through the organization "de font en font".



VITAE Kombucha helps eliminate toxins accumulated daily by our bodies.



Stimulates the intestinal tract and helps regulate digestion.



Fuels our body with energy and maximum vitality.



Reduces appetite and controls food intake thanks to its satiating properties.
It’s 100% natural and low in calories.



Strengthens your immune system with its mixture of live cultures and ecological ingredients.



Contains beneficial minerals and vitamins essential for your health.



Drinking VITAE promotes longevity and strong mental health Pure Life!



A natural remedy that alleviates pain caused by arthritis, joint inflammation and gout.


Pure Life

What is VITAE Kombucha and how do we make it?

Kombucha is an ancient drink based on infused and sugary tea, fermented by a colony of yeasts and bacteria called SCOBY, resulting in a delicious drink slightly acidic and sweet, rich in minerals and live microorganisms, which consume practically all the initial sugar converting it into organic acids, enzymes and aminoacids.

At VITAE we believe it’s essential to seek and select each and every one of the ingredients that go into making Kombucha Tea, in order to maintain the highest quality throughout the traditional, handcrafted production process.

Protecting its health benefits depends directly on the quality of these ingredients and the care and respect forthe traditional process that we follow, as it was transmitted to us in Costa Rica.

All ingredients are organically grown. We flavor our premium kombucha by macerating fruits, plants, spices and / or organic roots. So you will enjoy the 100% kombucha experience.

Scoby is the “mother” of Kombucha. Its initials are an acronym for the symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast: SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast).

We are artisans of Kombucha Tea.


Pure Life

When should you drink
VITAE Kombucha?

Any time of day to recover your energy.

In the morning to get a good start on your day .

Ideal before meals, like an appetizer.

Along with lunch, it will help you will eat less.

After doing sport, it will help with recovery.

To share with friends, exceptional varieties and flavors.


“The taste is enjoyable as well as familiar. It reminds me of a drink that we made at home when I was little with elderflower that was also fermented. A great alternative to non-alcoholic beer with the advantage of being more healthy. I enjoy the slightly bitter, sparkling taste. I also appreciate that it’s not very sweet and quenches my thirst better than fruit juice. For that reason, Vitae Kombucha is an excellent refreshment during warmer days!”

Alina Prunesco

“My experience of trying Kombucha did not leave me indifferent. A new but familiar flavor for my palate. It’s a great choice for those of us who do not drink alcohol and want an alternative to the artificial drinks available on the market.”

Laura Ríos

“An excellent probiotic that provides innumerable benefits including improving and strengthening metabolic function. It’s a drink that I would recommend especially to those who want to strengthen their immune response and their intestinal flora after taking antibiotics and also for those who have frequent, recurring infections.”

Ernesto García

“I was curious to try it (Kombucha) because of all the talk about its health benefits. This interested me. Since then and for a long time now, Vitae Kombuha is an essential part of the living/real food diet that I choose to nourish my body.”

Yolanda Martíenz

“In California, I tried many different types of Kombucha, although my favorite has always been ginger and lavender. When I tried Vitae Kombucha, I tought it was on par with the American varieties with its soft, light flavor with subtle touches of lemon and ginger. Very refreshing, and definitely very good!”

Xavier Domenech